Paris Hilton’s birthday cake stolen

Paris Hilton’s birthday cake stolen

Socialite Paris Hilton's 30th birthday cake was stolen by a Los Angeles musician, Paz. He gatecrashed the party & he stole the cake because he didn't want the cake to be served to the guests. There was something unusual about this $2000 cake.

Paz was not even invited to the party but he got into the bash through his well-connected buddy Kevin. He also posted on his Facebook page:

"I woke up this morning with a $2,000 birthday cake in my living room. It's big. It's red. It says 'Paris' and its delicious ... At an inebriated moment I decided no one was going to waste $2,000 worth of anything on my watch. I had to rescue that cake,"

Paz admits he had to come up with a scheme to get the cake out of the house without any of the security guards employed realizing what he was doing. He even managed to convince the security that he had been asked to remove the cake.

He explained: "In one fluid motion, I sidestep a confused waiter, seize the prize, and face to the door. I pass the security chief again on the way out. I nod purposefully ... he nods in return and 40 seconds later I'm in the front seat of a Nissan Maxima with 70lbs of awesome in my lap. Success!"

We love to cover stories on Paris Hilton. Ever since we created Speak Your Mind, Paris Hilton is one celebrity, we love to report about. What happened is of course funny but at the same time, it’s bad that her cake was stolen by someone. But the cake looks hideous. I seriously have my doubt if it could be delicious. Anyhow, she was presented another cake.